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If you are in the market for a new home, but you don't have time to comb through long lists of properties, you might be tempted to work with a broker. In addition to visiting potential properties in real life and carefully evaluating their features, the right real estate agent can also take care of all of the negotiations in your behalf. Last but not least, brokers are also responsible for helping you to complete the vital paperwork that will seal the deal. This blog is all about finding a broker that you can trust and that won't leave you in a bind, so that you can enjoy the process.

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Why The Slope Of Your New Home's Driveway Is More Important Than You Think

As housing subdivisions move further and further away from city centers, the terrain that these subdivisions are built on can become rather interesting. Many end up in hilly areas outside of urban centers, leading developers to make the neighborhood into one with gently sloping hills and valleys. These often require houses to be built with noticeably sloped driveways, often with one side sloping more steeply than the other. For most people, as long as the driveway is not frighteningly steep, the slope won't matter. However, it should, as the driveway doesn't need to be very steep to have an effect on how you use it.

Door Weight

Park at a steep-enough angle, and your car's door won't stay open unless you physically hold it open. That can be annoying for people trying to get out of their cars in rain. If you find your perfect home, but it has a driveway where one side might be steep enough to create this issue, use that side for parking cars that aren't driven a lot. Park frequently driven cars on the shallower side. Again, that "steep" side doesn't have to be mountain-goat territory -- it just needs to be at enough of an angle to cause the weight of the door to overcome the hinge's strength.

Moving Services

If you have people renting rooms and using freight- or pod-type services to ship their belongings, the slope of the driveway could cause a problem. Most pod services can place the pods on gentle slopes, but there's usually a limit to how much of an angle the pod can handle without tipping. There's also the issue of the pod pick-up service forklift not being able to properly latch onto the pod if there's too much of an angle compared to the street. Of course, if you use regular movers, this wouldn't be an issue.

Ice and Rain

Is the house in a region that gets icy in winter or that has a lot of rain at any time of the year? That could make the driveway difficult to walk on or even park your car on. If you've got one car and half the driveway is shallow, there's no problem. But if you have more than one car, you'll have to figure out what to do during winter or when it's raining and the pavement is slippery.

Slope at Garage Door

Always check the slope at the garage door. A steep driveway is perfectly usable if it levels out before it gets to the garage. If the driveway does not, and the slope goes right up to the door, that's a sign of poor planning, and you and your agent need to seek out another house.

Your real estate agent can help you find a house that has a driveway that you can use. It sounds like a small thing, but that entry to your property is among the most important "small" things that you'll encounter. Contact a company like Reece Nichols Real Estate for more details.